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About Us

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jabula sa side banners 0004OUR VISION

To provide apostolic covering to ministers regionally, nationally and internationally.


Our mission objectives rest on six pillars:
1. Effective organization structures
2. Effective fivefold ministries
3. Effective families.
4. Financial resources centre
5. Toolbox of gifting
6. Generational ministry


• The Kingdom of God
• Family
• Intercessory Prayer
• Integrity
• Excellence
• Prosperity
• Revelation and Truth
• Empowerment


• Creditable Apostolic Covering
• International exposure in 28 countries
• Connected anointing / Partaker of the grace of Bishop Bismark.
• Opportunity to sow a seed in an anointed ministry.
• Commutation regarding Jabula events.
• Special seating.
• Annual retreat for Pastors with Bishop
• Access to ministries gifts within the organization, which include leadership development, prayer summit, conferences.
• Special training, marriage, finance, counseling.
• Resources of specialized skills, legal, ccma, dispute resolutions, NPO registration, skills development.
• Licensing
• Discount rates on events and products.
• Pastoral Support